FishbowlNY: WaPo’s Chris Cillizza on Twittering the WH Briefings

FishbowlNY’s Glynnis MacNicol caught up with WashPost’s Chris Cillizza, who has been Twittering Robert Gibbs’ daily briefings since day one. He tells Glynnis (a Cillizza Twitter fan, by the way), “You have to recognize the ridiculous in order to also see the sublime.”

Check out the full Q&A here and an excerpt after the jump.

A number of people have remarked on your personal asides as not being appropriate for White House coverage, but they are very much in keeping with Twitter’s tone. Do you think it adds to the transparency, sense of participation?

CC: I did read those criticisms. To me, one of the most important things to always remember when covering politics is that you have to recognize the ridiculous in order to also see the sublime. While the White House beat is one of the most influential in the world, it also has its moments of high comedy — like on Tuesday when Robert Gibbs just kept insisting he wouldn’t look in his rear view mirror. Does the White House condone bad driving? My point is that there is no one “right” way to cover the White House; there are all sorts of different ways to do it. I choose to cover it via a blog and Twitter while other reporters are the Post cover it through the paper. Some readers prefer one, some the other. Great. As long as they are reading Washington Post journalism (in some form) I think we are doing what we should be doing.