FishbowlNY Readers Respond: Split Over New York Times Pay Wall

Last week The New York Times announced that they would be introducing a metered pay wall to by 2011, allowing readers to view a certain number of articles on the Web site before they were prompted to pay. Since the issue of paying for online content has been at the forefront of discussions about media lately, we asked our readers: Would you be willing to pay the price to access NYT articles?

Your response? The majority votes nay.

52 percent of FishbowlNY readers said there was “no way” they’d fork over their credit card numbers to read one of the most prestigious newspapers online, when news aggregators and other sites could deliver the same information free of charge. So much for brand names.

Another 19 percent said they would only pay if there was “no other alternatives,” i.e. no way to get around the pay wall using tricks that allow you to bypass the system, as many do for The Wall Street Journal.

That left a scant 26 percent of Fishbowlers saying that they would “absolutely” pay for the charge, whatever it may be, with 3 percent answering “other.” (We’re guessing that’s the 3 percent that still read the paper in print.) We’d love to hear the reasoning behind your decisions, whatever they may be, in the comments.

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