FishbowlNY Poll: Readers Again Make Case for Dave Price’s Exodus From Good Day New York

FishbowlNY readers and WNYW viewers have decided for the second time this month that Dave Price should be dropped from Good Day New York. And it should be emphasized, those same readers don’t just want him replaced by anyone, they want Greg Kelly back in mornings alongside Rosanna Scotto.

In our latest poll that started two weeks ago, we asked for an opinion of Price’s performance on Good Day.

Mitt Romney or President Obama would be thrilled being on the receiving end of staggering results like this.

Price is certainly no Howard Cosell, but if our (unscientific) poll is any indication, viewers either love him or hate him.

With a 50 percent landslide, 63 percent of our voters choose,”Bring back Greg!” Delving deeper, we find even more of an “anti-Price” wave. Another 12 percent “pulled the lever” for our poll choice, “Bad choice by Channel 5, he shouldn’t be a morning news anchor!” That means 3/4 of the poll takers want Price out, with or without Kelly returning to the seat.

Many of the six percent that “wrote in” also used that space for negative criticism of Price.

The option that generated the second-most interest, “He’s great!” registered only 13 percent (rounding up) of respondents.

Earlier this month, we asked for your thoughts about Kelly’s switch to nights. And we got the same result, just not as dramatically. Twenty percent more of the respondents wanted Kelly back in mornings, as opposed to “He’s great!”

On July 2, WNYW started a game of anchor roulette. Kelly was moved to nights, displacing the legendary Ernie Anastos from the 10 p.m., the first time he has not been on a late newscast since arriving in New York 34 years ago.

Price, a former Good Day weatherman, was named Kelly’s successor.

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