FishbowlNY Mail

From FishbowlNY reader Jeff Jaworski we get word of a worthy cause:

”I saw your post about helping Frank Washington. I would like to also give a shout out to an organization called The HERO Initiative, in the hopes you will let your readers know about it as well. Their site is It is a non-profit created to help comic book creators (writers and artists) that need financial help. These creators, who are responsible for some of the most recognizable characters ever often live in poverty now, as they worked for the publishers on a work for hire basis. Even though films based on their characters make millions. HERO has even had to cover burial expenses for some creators.

”…From what I understand Steve Gerber, who among other things created Howard the Duck, and died last weekend from Pulmonary Fibrosis relied on HERO to help with his medical expenses for example. Some of the other stories out there are even more heartbreaking.”

Donations can be made here.