FishbowlNY Interviews Horatio Silva, Seth Rogin of The New York Times


T: The New York Times Style Magazine which launches December 2 arrives at a precarious moment in the modern history of print publications. An ad recession as a consequence of the housing slump and credit crunch is in full flower. And, particular to the paper of record, New York Times shares have hit a 52-week low for the second day in a row. Still, T wisely embraces embrace the digital, a growth area amid the gloomy news. ”The Moment” blog will contain, as their press release says, ”original multimedia including videos, interactive graphics … that will be updated throughout the day by T editors, guest bloggers and correspondents from around the world.” Also, T is unapologetically internationalist at a time when affluent international readers are embracing American luxury magazines.

FishbowlNY asked Horatio Silva, T’s Online Director, and Seth Rogin, Vice President of Advertising at The New York Times, a few questions via email about the launch.

FishbowlNY: How often can we expect to see ‘The Moment’ blogs posted on the site.

Horacio Silva: ”The original posts — in the form of text, video and fun infographics and charticles — will be a mix of regularly scheduled franchises by the T editors and a core of marquee name writers, many of whom already contribute to the T stable, as well as by the occasional celebrity blogger. There will be at least five posts a day with a spike in frequency expected during special events like the numerous fashion weeks around the world, the furniture fair in Milan, and stylish art events like Art Basel Miami. It’s my hope that during some of these events there will be often 20 posts, perhaps even more.”

FishbowlNY: Do you have a theory as to why luxury magazines are unaffected by the media ad recession? Vogue being the perfect example.

”Seth Rogin, Vice President of Advertising at The New York Times: Prior to the launch of T, I don’t think that the luxury world has seen a solution that fully replicates the ability of a print magazine to communicate a lifestyle brand. The launch of T as a sophisticated style site, with large high-impact visuals, will set the new digital standard in the evolution of luxury. However, the launch of the website doesn’t mean that print advertising spending will be shifted. This year, our luxury fashion advertising is up significantly across both print and online. The Times is growing in this market, is creating a compelling product — check out our upcoming issue of T Men’s Fashion on Sunday, September 16 — and is delivering it to the highly-responsive, affluent audience sought by our advertisers.”

FishbowlNY: Why are you holding the preview of the site in Milan?

”Horacio Silva: ”It was partly because it gave us a little more wiggle room to finish the prototype and plan the event, given that it falls two weeks after New York fashion week. It also made sense because Italy is a hotbed for the many content areas we cover in the various issues of T–fashion, food, design. And, because the event is in conjunction with the IHT, we felt it was important to have it outside the US.”

FishbowlNY: The global and the digital — two areas of magazine growth are represented in the launch. Who was behind this?

”Seth Rogin: The growth of T is a credit to the stunning, record-breaking magazines created by Stefano Tonchi and his team with the most recent magazine — T Women’s Fashion — having the largest number of ad pages of any New York Times magazine published since 1984. The extension of the T brand to a global audience is natural. Sophistication and style are not limited by geography. The US edition has been distributed at European fashion shows since its inception. This has introduced T to the rest of the world, and made it the object of growing demand among the industry and affluent consumers.”

(image via designarchives)