FishbowlLA Contest: Photograph Your Lunch

lunch.jpgCulture industry workers in Los Angeles are a diverse bunch. Some of us went to liberal arts colleges; others went to film schools. Some of us like Trader Joe’s; others believe that those who like Trader Joe’s misplace their affections.

However, two characteristics bind us together. (Well, most of us.) We own cell phones with digital cameras. And around 1PM or so, we eat lunch.

In an effort to contribute to class solidarity awareness, for the rest of the week, FishbowlLA is running a lunch photography competition. Send me a photo of your lunch. I’ll be awarding Mediabistro T-shirts to the winners in the following categories: Most Appetizing (restaurant and fast-casual lunches will be judged in separate categories), Most Innovative Photographic Technique, and a special Cobb Salad Prize (because I like cobb salads).

Wide-angle or close-up? Action shot of you eating the lunch, or still-life? Up to you. Nothing too gross, please. Deadline: Friday, 4PM.