FishbowlDC’s Summer Superlatives 2012

It’s the dog days of August, and for Washington media it can be a brutal combo of blistering hot, mindless Twittering and boredom. Which, for some (cough! cough! Politico‘s Joe Williams), can spell trouble. If only there wasn’t a presidential election going on. Even so, we have a lull before the conventions begin and everything heats to the point of combustion. Without further ado, it’s time for FishbowlDC’s Summer Superlatives 2012.

Now through Wednesday, August 8th at 12 noon, we’re accepting nominations for our twisted take on high school senior superlatives.

You can nominate yourself, a friend, foe, or frenemy  for one of 12 categories (below).  Nominations can be submitted via email or through our anonymous tips box.  Just be sure to include the category, nominee’s name, employer and any info that supports your pick (photo, story, examples, etc).

Each day from Wednesday afternoon to Friday of this week, we’ll announce the nominees and open up voting.  Winners will be determined by earning the most votes in a 24-hour period. Happy nominating!

1. Biggest Self-Promoter

2. Worst temper

3. Favorite Flak

4. Most likely to wind up in jail

5. Class Clown (Wittiest)

6. Most likely to end up with a reality show

7. Best On-air Personality (Can be TV or radio)

8. Best dressed

9. Best writer

10. Most in need of a salad (i.e. they’ve either porked up or else they eat junk food all day long and could use an intervention from Dr. Oz.)

11. Sexiest

12. Most in need of a makeover