FishbowlDC’s Coffee & Convo with Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy

Like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy hails from South Florida. When FishbowlDC sat down with Ruddy, we asked him about operating his magazine and website in the midst of the conservative media conglomerate that has formed around Palm Beach. “Coincidence,” he told us before clarifying that Newsmax is “not right-wing.” Ruddy prefers to describe his media group as “center-right but inclusive.”

Something about “center-right” seems to be working for Newsmax. The eleven year old company has been turning a profit for over five years and is expected to generate $30 million dollars in 2009 – up from $25 million last year and $19 million in 2007. The company employs 30 editors and 110 full-time employees. Not too shabby for a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter’s leap into entrepreneurship.

With traffic numbers that regularly rival Drudge Report’s (3 million uniques – give or take) and bylines by names like WaPo & WSJ alum Ronald Kessler; the group’s chief Washington correspondent, Ruddy feels confident about a plan for Newsmax expansion – even in today’s troubled economy.

Expect to hear more chatter about Newsmax in the coming months. Until then, Ruddy offered FishbowlDC a sneak preview of things to come:

Washington Workspace: Plans for a Newsmax DC office are in the works. Ruddy tells FishbowlDC that they plan on establishing District digs in the next six months.

Strength in Numbers: The only organization currently listed as a “News Partner” on is The Washington Times. Expect that to change as Newsmax actively pursues new partnerships and considers strategic acquisitions.

On the Ground: Expect to see a lot more of Ruddy and the Newsmax brand around town. Ruddy’s team plans to “walk the walk” with some big Washington events planned for the fall.