FishbowlDC Winner Shows up to Bill Maher

In mid February we hosted a contest in which the winner would receive tickets to see HBO comedian and “Real Time” host Bill Maher. We asked readers to describe Maher in 140 characters or less. We encouraged cussing and all around filth.

Maher’s performance was last night at Strathmore Auditorium in Rockville, Md.

Our winner was Marty Gruss of Silver Spring. The star entry: “Bill Maher is an intelligently funny politically incorrect pot smoking religulous Catholic Jewish Atheist in tight trousers with a huge internet penis who likes his coffee black, like his women.”

Others we liked: 1. “Maher is a lone ranger of reason, providing a temporary oasis of progressive sanity in a world drowning in a red-sea made from distorted truths, bile and 100% dog-shit.” 2. “#BillMaher is the muthereffing truthtella who aint #Politically Incorrrect, he’s HBO-Home Boy On!” 3. “Bill Maher; He’s like a combination of Tommy Chong, George Carlin, and Richard Dawkins – with less “pot” jokes and a better wardrobe.”

Last night FBDC’s Eddie Scarry and I spotted Gruss a mile away. He was scruffy and wore a black Marilyn Manson jacket. We said to each other, “I’ll bet that is Marty!” And soon enough he was sitting two seats away. He had to be our winner.

We asked what he thought of Maher’s performance and this is what he had to say:

“Most of the show seemed to be about politics, along with religion, then at the end a little about marriage to make the car ride home uncomfortable for married couples who attended together. Having seen Bill Maher do shows back in the 1990’s in small comedy clubs, it was exciting to get to see him play such a big venue. It’s great to see that long drawn out Republican presidential candidate nomination process is at least helping one person’s career: Bill Maher.”

A big thank you to the 930 Club for making this contest possible.