FishbowlDC Q&A with Jamie Foxx

We talk politics, his new album, Wale/Drake, and Redskins/Cowboy.

Photo Credit: Daniel Swartz

The Hennessy was flowin’ and the music was bumpin’ on Wednesday evening in the DC famous POV Lounge, where artist, actor, and comedian, Jamie Foxx put on a private performance to promote his upcoming album “Hollywood: The Story of a Dozen Roses

FishbowlDC had the chance to sit down and chat with the renaissance man, discussing everything from politics to his new album, as well as his preference between Wale and Drake. We even talked about the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry with the lifelong Cowboys fan.

FishbowlDC: You recently told TMZ that it was time for a woman to occupy the White House, does that mean you’re voting for Hillary Clinton?

Jamie Foxx: [with a grin] Man, the album drops May 18th. It’s called “Hollywood: The Story of a Dozen Roses.”

FBDC: What’s the story behind the name of the album?

JF: It’s a bit misleading. The full name is “Hollywood: The Story of a Dozen Roses.” The meaning of it is… I was trying to do another record, you know, and you try to do stories that are sorta connected to yourself. So, there’s this one story about a young lady I thought was gonna be the lady for me. It ended up being, where I was gonna go to this premiere, but I got sick and then she was like ‘what’s up? I got my dress,’ and I said, ‘well, if you need to go then go.’ So, she took off, and I was like ‘ok…’ and I really saw what it was about. The song that [Breyon Prescott] crafted sorta has that DNA in it, and it’s sort of a different take on things — it’s not the happy ending all the time. It sorta centers the album and everything like that. We sorta roll around certain stories that I would tell to all the different writers, a young gifted cat by the name of Breyon Prescott and others.

FBDC: So, you’re in DC right now..

JF: Yeahhhh, home of the go-go [breaks into go-go beatboxing].

FBDC: Go-go is a big influence on DC’s own Wale, and in honor of the Raptors-Wizards series goin’ on right now… Wale or Drake?

JF: Ahh Wale!! Matter of fact, Wale is on my album. He’s on my song “Like a Drum.” Listen, you gotta be careful when you play that song cause it gets you in the bedroom. Don’t be by yourself.

FBDC: Switching topics, do you have a favorite and least favorite politician?

JF: Do I have a least favorite? You know what’s interesting about politicians? They are never what you think they are. They never are what they are behind the scenes. I was at the Super Bowl and saw Jesse Jackson hanging out with George W. Bush, and everybody else. You know, behind the scenes everybody is cool. When they go out to the public is sorta when they draw the line, and I think that’s what hurts us. Not to dodge your question but we live in the greatest country in the world, and we keep blowing it over whose team you play for. The team is America, and a lot of times when we divide each other so much… if you could see America — you know, you travel — you see, we got it good. You know what’s goin’ on in other places. We got it good. What we trippin’ on?

FBDC: Speaking of teams… this is Redskins country and you’re a notorious Cowboys fan.

JF: Cowboys all day!!! You know what it is! Where’s your owner at?

FBDC: So, I guess the answer is obvious: who’s gonna win the NFC East?

JF: This is what I’ll say about the Redskins. First of all, as a rival, I commend you guys because I’ve always [crowd laughter]… No, ya’ll wait a minute! Here’s what I always say…

FBDC: Eagles suck, right?

JF: No, no, no… Here’s what I always say, even the Cowboys have fallen victim to things too. We’ve fallen victim to not going back to what we are. Redskins — a bruising running back all the time, always a decent quarterback — but you had great tight ends and you had a great secondary. You gotta go back to what it is because the people in DC remember the Hogs. You gotta get back to your DNA. Once you get back to your DNA, you’ll start doing your thing. And here’s the thing, front offices win championships. The front office has to be right and they have to be like ‘this is how we get back to what we do.’ I would hate to have to see both the Cowboys and the Redskins be like people don’t remember us no more. So, good luck out there guys!