FishbowlDC: Open 24 Hours

Special note to Readers:

Over the next three days life as we know it will be a little different in the Fishbowl. As in no hour is an unusual hour to post. We’ll be writing at all hours of the day and night, be it midnight, 3 a.m. or whenever the news strikes as we cover the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and the neverending party circuit that surrounds it.

We will keep you posted on Twitter (@FishbowlDC) and alert you to items and our whereabouts. We’ll also be perpetually — and candidly — live tweeting a variety of parties and staking out hotels where movie stars are staying. No doubt, Peter, Eddie, who I am pimping out to parties all over town, and I will inevitably run into some pretty weird sh-t over the weekend that we will have to tell you about. We’ll also let you know when we run into FishbowlDC characters like Politico‘s Mike Allen, Slate‘s Dave Weigel or — gasp! — WaPo‘s Ezzy Klein should that monumental and incredibly exciting moment occur.

Want to tip us off about something? Write us at or to me at As you know, we love eavesdropping. So if you hear something amusing at a party, drop us a line.

Enjoy the weekend! We’ll be in touch.

— FishbowlDC Management