Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day — Happy New Year!

Travel Bitches

“If an airplane itself could have influenza, I’m on it.” — Politico‘s Dave Levinthal.

“Guy behind me on plane whacks me w/ suitcase as putting it in overhead. ‘Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you.’ Cuz I’m REALLY tiny #HappyNewYear.” — Joanne Bamberger, mommy blogger, former news anchor and author of “Mothers of Intention.”

And a travel apology…“Off to Paris for a bit. Nice to see you again, turkish air. Please carry me safely to my destination and sorry for any anxiety exhibited.” — Seyward Darby, freelancer, former online editor at TNR.

Press aide tells everyone to calm down

“Folks out there w/ crazy theories about what’s going on in House. All ridiculous. Just figuring out best path forward. Stay calm, carry on.” — House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor aide Rory Cooper during fiscal cliff negotiations.

For a gay old time…

“Two tickets for @GayPimp‘s #GayestWeekendOfAllTime this March in Florida? Yes, please.” — Syndicated columnist and Bullfight Strategies’ Karl Frisch.

Loesch takes a breather from laptop

“I’ve not opened my laptop since December 21st. Rare. Christmas vacation was lovely, but am ready to roll up the sleeves again.” —’s Dana Loesch, who is now suing her former employer. Considering the backlash she received after the Sandy Hook shootings, in which she accused President Obama of playing politics with the deaths of children, this may have been a welcome relief.

Breitbart newbie on first-name basis with U.S. leaders

“In case anyone didn’t notice, we have now officially jumped off the fiscal cliff. Thanks John , Barry and Harry!” —‘s Matthew Boyle, who hopes to one day fill the shoes of the late Andrew Breitbart.

A rare nod to CNN

“CNN is the only big cable news network doing fiscal cliff coverage right now. (I mean, if you’re a geek.)” — The Daily Caller and The Week‘s Matt Lewis on New Year’s Day.

And now, a New Year’s Eve observation on facial hair: “Back on CNN with the bearded ones–Wolf Blitzer and Robert Reich–at 8:30. All agree. No taxation of facial hair.” — Americans for Tax Reform Prez Grover Norquist.

The Self-Appointed Media Critic…

Fmr. Mitt Romney aide accuses Politico‘s Allen of fabrication?

Richard Grenell: Mike Allen, I don’t believe the quote you just tweeted is really from a GOP insider. Media has lost credibility. #OnTheRecord

UPDATE: It was pointed out to us that Grenell was specifically responding to this tweet from Allen: “GOP source, privy to leadership strategy: House will add ‘spending cuts they know Democrats can’t live with…Our base is gonna be fired up'”

A Convo Between Two Journos

HuffPost‘s Sam Stein: “More soul-crushing activity for your NYDay hangover than following this fiscal cliff drama?”

Politico‘s Ben White: “No. And I’m not even hungover.”

Self-Appointed Media Critic

“Wow. Lame. Today show previously recorded. I thought they considered themselves a news show — at least for the first few minutes.” — NationalReviewOnline‘s Jonah Goldberg.

Fiscal cliff fatigue…

“I’m so over the fiscal cliff.” — Blake Hounshel, managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine.

“Noodling on an idea: Obama as Jean Valjean and Boehner as Javert? You know how that ended.” — Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief and MSNBC Contributor David Corn.

“Senate chaplain opened the session today by praying, ‘Save us from self-inflicted wounds.’ Everyone is sick of this.” — The Atlantic‘s Editor-in-Chief James Bennet.

The smart ass

“I’ll be on @Morning_Joe at 8 tomorrow talking about the fiscal cl–well, you know…” — Bloomberg Business Week‘s Joshua Green. To which The Atlantic‘s Scott Stossel wrote, “Fiscal chlamydia?”

Speaking of fatigue…“Outside of the Senate chamber, I run into Sen Lamar Alexander. The good senator from Tenn looks exhausted. Eyes drooping.” — NationalReviewOnline Capitol Hill Editor Robert Costa, who wrote this at 4:35 a.m. on Jan. 1. On another note…“Overheard in hallway – Chuck Schumer to Joe Manchin a few minutes after midnight: Get me some wine.” — The Hill’s Alex Bolton on New Year’s Eve/Day.