FishbowlDC Interview: Patrick Tutwiler

Good morning Washington! Meet Patrick Tutwiler – actor, comedian and writer.  You may have seen one of his stand up acts around the District, or more recently, caught him in the Discovery ID series “Evil Kin.” But now he’s tackling a new role — one that couples his quick wit and unique perspectives with a personal passion for politics and incurable addiction to the news.

So without further burying the lede, it’s my pleasure to introduce Patrick Tutwiler as the new editor of FishbowlDC. You’ll get to know him in the coming days and weeks but in true Fishbowl fashion we’re kicking things off with an FBDC Interview. Read on for more and feel free to reach out to with tips, ideas, advice or to join me in congratulating him on taking the plunge.

Describe yourself in haiku .

Too much time online

Formidable RISK player

This makes me a nerd?

You’re about to be served your last meal. What will it be? Pho with lots of hoisin and sriracha.

You’ve been chosen as the new host of CNN’s Reliable Sources. Provide the bookers with a wish list of four guests: 

  • Jeff Bezos, because seriously, WTF is gunna happen with the Post???
  • Nate Silver, to discuss his, ahem, complicated relationship with his NYT colleagues.
  • Chelsea Handler, because she’s built a media empire and isn’t done yet.
  • Matt Drudge, because, hey, as long as we’re wishing for things…

What three words describe your editorial vision for FBDC: Inform, Entertain, Engage.

Who should TIME make 2013 Person of the Year? Edward Snowden. In one year he’s provoked public outrage over government spying, scuttled a diplomatic rapprochement with Russia, prompted Congressional hearings, frayed European alliances, flaunted the law, and thwarted the will of an American President –and he got away with it.

If you were a carbonated beverage, which would you be? Why? Cheerwine, because have you tried Cheerwine? It’s like Coke but Southern. And better.

You’re developing a signature scent. What would you call the cologne? Pale by Patrick Tutwiler

Who or what inspires you? When people who think they have nothing in common realize they can have a conversation without yelling at each other.

What’s your favorite band, song or musical genre? Morrissey.

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Rapid fire! Bold one word from each of the following bullets:

•    Steak or salad?
•    Beach or mountains?
•    Night owl or early bird?
•    Paper or plastic? (Skip the bag, save the river!)
•    Coffee, tea or beer?
•    Homebody or party animal?
•    Nintendo or Sega?
•    iPhone, Android or Blackberry?
•    Shoestring or waffle?
•    Sweet or savory? (But never together.)

What word(s) do you routinely misspell? su(r)prise, pregna(n)t, pe(n)dantic.

Do you have a favorite word? It’s between “flummoxed” and “puissant.”

What swear word do you use most often? “mother f@cker” or, alternatively, “jeeze Louise.”

When and why did you last laugh so hard you had tears in your eyes? Trying to teach someone to wink who just could not do it.