Fishbowl5 With Treacher: Knee to Know

Sean Medlock (AKA “Jim Treacher”), blogger for the Daily Caller is typically a well-humored guy and says it is what’s helping him cope since being struck by an SUV driven by a State Department security agent. That male employee was not cited, nor provided his information. Instead, Treacher was cited with what he calls a “fact deficient” jaywalking citation in the ER. Treacher was released from the hospital Tuesday after knee surgery that resulted in a pulmonary embolism. He’s cutting down on the ice skating and kick-boxing and is staying in an “undisclosed hotel location”. More seriously, he will have to use crutches and for longer voyages, a wheelchair.

1. How are you feeling since being released from the hospital Tuesday? Surprisingly not-awful. The knee still hurts, but most of the time when it’s still, it’s more of a constant burning sensation than a sharp pain. Dr. Wiesel and Dr. Remington and everybody else at Georgetown University Hospital did a great job of getting me back on my feet. Well, foot. I’m going to be doing physical therapy for the broken knee, which is already helping, and taking blood thinners for the pulmonary embolism that resulted from the knee injury and surgery. They’re going to be monitoring that at least once a week. So there’s still a lot of work to do, but I’m more than willing to do it. As for who’s going to pay for it all…

2. Can you walk around and are you on crutches? Is your boss, Tucker Carlson, carrying your bag and getting you food? Crutches, which I’m trying to master. I can’t put full weight on my left foot for at least three months. I’ve also got a wheelchair, in the unfortunate event that I need to go outside. No plans to do that anytime soon. Tucker’s been busy this week trying to find out who hit me and how the whole thing went down. He and Neil Patel and Moira Bagley and Laura Banos stayed in the ER with me all Wednesday night last week. And everybody at the Daily Caller has been terrific. Almost everybody I’ve talked to has been great, actually. What was the question? I’m on painkillers because a State Dept. security agent named Mike McGuinn hit me with a government SUV.

3. What do you think ought to happen to the State Department agent who hit you? Have they reached out to apologize? Do you plan to sue? Considering Mike McGuinn broke the law when he hit me and failed to identify himself to me or provide contact information, he should be subject to the same laws as everyone else in DC. Maybe that’s because I’m new here. No, nobody at State has apologized. As for suing, I just got out of the hospital and I don’t know yet. Right now I’m getting a lot of advice and I’m trying to sort through it.

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4.Seriously, how has this whole incident affected you? It’s given me a lesson in how government operates that you’ll never get in any civics class. And it’s tarnished my respect for the police a bit. I still believe most of them are good people and good at what they do, but the bad ones have so much power and can mess up your life so much worse than a civilian can. I wish the Metropolitan Police Department and the U.S. State Department would just explain what happened.

5. Do you think it’s not getting more attention or having more of an impact because you’re not a left-leaning blogger? Do you expect to get a call from Sec. of State Hillary Clinton? Please don’t say “impact.” I can’t help but imagine the response would’ve been a bit different if this had happened to a left-leaning blogger during the Bush years. Wouldn’t it have gotten more press? A State Department employee runs down somebody who’s crossing the street, with the light and within the crosswalk. The State Dept. employee never identifies himself to the victim, talks to the police for a bit, and gets to go home. Meanwhile, the victim is issued a comically fact-deficient jaywalking citation in the ER by a police officer who didn’t witness any of it. Isn’t that kind of a news story? Oh wait, Sarah Palin wrote something on her hand.

No call from Hillary yet. I’m sure she’s busy doing all that important stuff she does. I can’t think of any of it off the top of my head, but I know she’s doing a great job. Great job, Hillary!

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