Fishbowl5 With Jonathan Krohn: 14-year-old on a Mission for Conservative Values

When I arrive to the lobby of the Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel, Jonathan Krohn is sitting on a sleek modern sofa next to the bar. Later he’ll pace as he talks, looking stressed. He’s on a cell phone call to his editor at Vanguard Press, the company that’s publishing his book, “Defining Conservatism.” His mother finally lays down the law. She walks right up to him, finger pointed, “Off!” she says.

Krohn, with braces and a disheveled mop of brown hair, rushes up to me, steps on my foot and politely asks for permission to use the bathroom. His rushed fury is understandable. He’s here for CPAC this week and is doing and has done a flurry of press, including FNC’s Neil Cavuto, Fox & Friends, Jim Bohannon and others in the conference’s radio row. When Krohn speaks he talks so fast that he runs out of air. He gets fidgety, pounding his right hand on the couch in karate chops to emphasize his points. “I want to bring Americans back to conservative values,” he says. “I’m not trying to convert people.” He says he wants to attend Princeton to study political philosophy. His mother tells me his IQ is 128 (which she explains is high).

For now, he goes on book tour and is home schooled. On Saturday morning he’ll introduce one of his mentors, Dr. William Bennett, who wrote the forward to his book.

1. How has the D.C. media treated you so far? “There are nice people and mean people. The majority have been nice.”

2. Who is your favorite D.C. anchor? “Well, I’ve met both hosts for NBC, CBS and Fox News. I haven’t met Jake Tapper, the new host of “This Week.” (I tell Jonathan that Tapper has not yet been tapped for it.) He continues, “I think it’s gonna be Jake. He’s not my fave in the world but I think he’s got a bright future ahead of him. I think Sunday shows are a good place for journalists to rise. I think ABC realizes that. I don’t think Barbara Walters is going to get it.”

3. What blogs do you read regularly?Politico’s Ben Smith. I read a lot of the Politico blogs. I read a lot of Washington Post on the web and The Washington Times. I try to get a lot of my stuff from independent sources. If I just read conservative blogs I’ll get thrown under the bus.”

4. How do you think the media treats Sarah Palin? “I think they treat her generally unfairly. I think she’s a great energizer of conservative values. I don’t think Sarah Palin is like the next president of the United States or anything. (Who is?) My personal preference is Mitch Daniels, the governor of Indiana. He’s not an ideologue. He doesn’t alienate people with his conservative views.”

5. What cable networks do you watch? “I try and watch all of them. When I watch Fox News I counter it by watching MSNBC. I try to watch a good dosage of them all.”