Fishbowl5 With Daily Caller’s Matthew Boyle

This week Matthew Boyle and The Daily Caller and Drudge tortured journalists from Washington to Texas with a midnight tease of a hooker story. The piece rolled in around 2 a.m. complete with a video of one of the funniest Spanish language interpreters we’ve ever seen — “Was he buena gente?” the translator asked, while trying to figure out a subtle way to ask, so how was the sex with NJ Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez? The senator has denied the charges. Boyle, who told us he had been working on the story at least a week, conducted the interview with the prostitutes by phone through a web video conferencing service. He does not speak Spanish. He explained, “The translator translated my questions to them and their answers back to me. And we verified his translation before publication to authenticate its accuracy.” We caught up with Boyle to inquire more.

1. Where did you find that spectacular translator? Did you test out his r rolls before taping? The translator is from the law firm representing the women.

2. How did the story come to you? I have really good sources. Sorry, can’t discuss my sources and how I get stories. That said, any sex scandal is fun to break.

Find out how the hookers figured out Menendez was a U.S. senator…. 3. Do you think money or lack of payment motivated these women to talk? How did they even know Menendez was a U.S. Senator? I don’t know why the women came forward. From conducting the interview, though, it was clear to me they were both upset they didn’t get all the money they say Sen. Menendez promised them. They both told me they didn’t know at the time he was a U.S. senator but found out later. When I was conducting the interview, I showed them a photo of Menendez and asked them if they recognized the man in the photo. When each said they did, I then asked them how they knew the man in the photo. They both said they were paid to have sex with him.

4. Your story, while getting tremendous attention, is taking hits from conservatives who say there are more important things going on like Benghazi and lefties who say there was nothing illegal or immoral about what the senator allegedly did. What’s your reaction to all that? In response to the conservatives: The Daily Caller and I are capable of handling more than story at once. Benghazi and other Obama administration scandals aren’t going away. In response to the liberals: According to the NRSC, it appears there may campaign finance law issues and/or Senate ethics rules issues with Menendez’s alleged behavior and travel. In addition to that, regardless of any potential legal or ethical issues, if a U.S. senator is engaging in solicitation of prostitutes, they could be compromised if anyone ever found out. Basically, somebody could use that damning information to hold over a senator’s head – extortion or blackmail, of sorts – to force him to abuse his power of his office.

5. How certain are you that the senator had sex with these ladies? He claims its not true. Did that give you pause? The women gave me no reason to believe they were being misleading or untruthful. I gave Sen. Menendez plenty of opportunity to give me his side of the story, but he provided no evidence to back himself up and refused to answer specific questions. If Sen. Menendez would like to provide me with any proof of his whereabouts around Easter, I would be happy to print that as well.