Fishbowl5 for Daily Caller’s Teenage White House Reporter Gabe Finger

As most of Washington’s free world knows by now, The Daily Caller sent their solidly-named 16-year-old intern, Gabe Finger, to the White House Wednesday for the briefing with Obama Spokesman Jay Carney in place of their regular correspondent, the ever shrinking violet Neil Munro.

As Politico first reported, Finger got in a question with Carney about the George Zimmerman trial, which pissed the press secretary off. And today, we’ve asked the the teen to answer a few questions. Thankfully he obliged. By the way, at 3:47 p.m. Wednesday, Finger had 235 Twitter followers. As of today at 1:21 p.m. he has 1, 212. His handle: @GabeemtheFinger.

1. Did you have your question for Jay Carney planned? Yeah. We had discussed the question beforehand and some of our staff helped me word it.

2. Did you feel nervous asking a question at a White House briefing? I wish I could say no, but of course I was! I was fine when the room was empty and then all of a sudden all of the famous, major network, White House correspondents filed in all at once. That’s when it hit me.

3. What is your parents’ reaction to all this? They’re both very proud. My dad loves everything about it. My mom, however, is far more attention-averse.

See our remaining few questions…

4. What did you think of Carney’s answer? Well, I was very surprised that the Press Secretary said that he had never heard of the death threats. That’s been a story since last spring when Spike Lee tried to send out Zimmerman’s address and they family told ABC News on Monday that they are in hiding because of the threats. Otherwise, while I don’t agree that I made a “ridiculous statement,” I wasn’t that surprised by his answer.

5. Did the other journalists at the White House give you funny looks for being young? Well, yeah. Both early on when an older man told me to get out of the chair I was in, and afterwards once I had asked the question. There were a few journalists though who reached out and were very friendly.

6. (Bonus Q) Are you normally nervy — if so, in what ways? I wouldn’t say “nervy,” but I’m certainly willing to say things that others may be afraid of saying.