Fishbowl5 + 1 with (Now) CNN’s Maeve Reston

Another big get for CNN Digital Politics today. Maeve Reston, the LA Times political reporter and brains behind #campaignfashionreport, is joining the likes of Peter Hamby and Chris Moody at CNN Digital Politics.  In her new gig she will remain in LA, where she will write big-picture political stories, report on the intersection of Hollywood, politics and money, and contribute to both the net’s television and digital video coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign.  Rather than posting another boring memo, we decided to ask Maeve a few questions for our Fishbowl5 feature.

get-attachment.aspxWhat’s it like to report on politics 3,000 miles from DC?

Incredibly refreshing. If I had my way, political reporters wouldn’t have desks – just a laptop, an aircard, and the freedom to roam the country finding the best stories.

Who gets more starstruck: politicians meeting movie stars, or movie stars meeting politicians?

Depends on the caliber of the politician and the caliber of the celebrity. Generally the politicians try to play it cool, while the celebrities are more honest about being starstruck.

How do you see Silicon Valley’s role in politics changing over the next few years?

I think Silicon Valley execs will play an increasingly powerful role each election cycle, but they are still figuring out exactly how to make that impact felt in Washington (and at the ballot box).

Can we expect #campaignfashionreport to hit CNN’s airwaves?

I’m working on it.

You’re an avid runner and hit the trails while covering campaigns. Who has the best scenery: Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina?

You can’t possibly think I’d choose one early state over another.  Three of my favorite trails: the Wolfeboro Rail Trail in New Hampshire, the Clive Greenbelt Trail in Iowa, and the Battery Promenade in Charleston. (I’m still working on my interactive map of the best trails in all 50 states. My goal is to finish it before the primaries).

If you could crown a ‘Best Dressed’ politician – who would take the honors?

I’m taking submissions for 2016. As always, the Instagram universe will decide.