Fishbowl LA Presents: The Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue Cover Shoot, A One-Act Play


Lights up on a photo studio in Culver City. Craft services workers carve elaborate watermelon sculptures in the background.
Photographer ANNIE LEIBOVITZ flutters around a gaggle of starlets. West Coast Editor KRISTA SMITH sips Evian.

CLAIRE DANES: You want me to lie on her knee?
ANNIE: No, just next to it. As if you were a docile cat supplicating herself to her owner. It’s classy yet fresh.
KRISTA: Cate, I’m off to Ibiza next weekend. Care to join? I was IMing Fatboy Slim and he’s dying to meet you.
SIENNA (sotto): I hope this hat is edgy.
SCARLETT: Claire, could you move your head just a little to the-
CLAIRE: Let’s just get this over with. And PS, they offered me ‘Translation.’
UMA: Annie, mind if I close just one more button on my-
ANNIE: Say ‘cheese’!
She snaps a photo.