Fishbowl Interview With the Fresh Prince of D.C.

Say hello to Richard Prince, a veteran journalist who writes “Richard Prince’s Journal-isms,” a news column on diversity issues in the news media, for the website of
the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education. He often, and sometimes harshly, calls journalists and publications out for not covering black journos enough and even once hilariously harped on Washington City Paper and FishbowlDC that there were no blacks among the Washington, D.C.’s “Boybanders.” It’s hard to envision a black Ezzy (WaPo‘s Ezra Klein) or Hazy (MSNBC’s Chris Hayes) but life is full of wonderful surprises. Most recently Prince won the Ida B. Wells award for his diverse reporting. Read on…He may have the best new question for the FishbowlDC Interview that we’ve seen so far.

If you were a carbonated beverage, which would you be?  Dr Pepper.

How often do you Google yourself?  Not as often as I should. Too many
others with the same name.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever said to an editor/boss (or vice
versa)? “Sure, I’ll be happy to take that assignment!”

Who is your favorite working journalist and why? Nicholas Kristof of
the New York Times travels the world reporting on outrages that would otherwise get little attention. And he was among the first to take advantage of video. But to call him my favorite would eliminate too many friends and colleagues.

Do you have a favorite word?  Party.

Who would you rather have dinner with – CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, MSNBC’s
Chris Matthews or Fox News’ Megyn Kelly? Tell us why. Matthews would probably produce the most copy.

The Earth’s human population is dying out and you must save it. You
will spend a romantic evening with either Scandal’s Kerry Washington,
any of the women from FNC’s “The Five” or MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp. Who will
it be? (None is not an option.) Kerry Washington.

What swear word do you use most often? Does “damn” count?

You’ve just been told the big news: You get to have your own Sunday
morning talk show. Who will be on your roundtable? (Pick four
journalists or pundits types.) A multicultural grab bag. It would be

On a serious note for a moment, if you could have dinner with a person
who has died, who would it be? Wonder what Martin Luther King would
say about the icon he has become.

Who is your favorite Boybander and why? (Ezzy, Hazy, Weigel,
Attackerman, Beutler) Who? Cultural disconnect.

When you pig out what do you eat? Why pig out?

What is your absolute favorite item of clothing in your closet? We want the fabric, the brand, the store and the price if possible. If it’s a certain kind of underwear we don’t want to know about it. A black cotton T-shirt from Kingston, Jamaica inscribed with a map of the city. Cost $1,100 at a tourist store. In
Jamaican dollars.

Pick one: Mad Men, Scandal or Grey’s Anatomy. Mad Men.

Have you ever had a tarot card reading? No.

Have you ever had a near-death experience? Living is too much fun.

Ever been arrested? The thought police have had me in a few times.

Tell us a secret not many people know about you. I can be pretty tight-lipped.

What scares you? The prospect of a limited choice of dinner partners.

What’s your most embarrassing career moment? When I first arrived in
Washington, I walked to the Jefferson Memorial when I was supposed to
be going to Lincoln’s.

Have you ever been fired? Only fired up and ready to go, like many during the 2008 campaign. Still am.

When and why did you last laugh so hard you had tears in your eyes? Last week, at a “SNL” sketch on the vice presidential candidates debate.

When and why did you last lose your temper? Not in my repertoire.

Breakfast cereal of choice: Still searching for the ideal combination
of energy and nutrition.

Who would you want to play you in a movie?  Denzel Washington, of course.

From TMZ Founder Harvey Levin: You are about to be served your last
meal. What will it be? Something to keep me in shape for the next

Finally, please come up for a question for our next FishbowlDC
interviewee. This one may live on indefinitely. Make it good. Best time you ever had with your clothes on?