Fishbowl Five with FOX News Channel’s ‘Campaign Carl’

BUMP_300DPI_CARL_CAMERONAhead of tomorrow’s midterm elections, FishbowlDC’s latest five question and answer series is with FOX News Channel’s chief political correspondent Carl Cameron.

Cameron has reported on every major election for FNC since he joined the network in 1996, earning him the nickname “Campaign Carl.” Since 1988, his coverage of presidential candidates runs the gamut, from President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), to former President George Bush and former President Bill Clinton. He also served as the network’s chief White House correspondent from 2004 – 06.

On Tuesday, Cameron will report from Kentucky for the network’s coverage of the midterm elections, starting at 6 pm with Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly in the anchor chairs.

In the meantime, check out our latest FishbowlDC Five with FOX News Channel’s ‘Campaign Carl.’


FishbowlDC: What has been the most surprising story you’ve covered on an election night?

Carl Cameron: “Election night upsets are always surprising. This year’s primary ousting of former House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor was a stunner. Republican Scott Brown’s 2010 special election victory to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in liberal Massachusetts is another example. The all-time winner to-date of course is the 2000 election recount and all that followed.”


FishbowlDC: What are your plans while on the ground in Kentucky tomorrow, November 4th?

Carl Cameron: “On election day I’ll be in Kentucky chasing good barbeque and bluegrass music, and, oh yeah, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and his democratic challenger Allison Lundergan Grimes. McConnell has a slight edge. If the GOP captures the majority next year and he is reelected he’ll run the Senate…if the polls are all wrong and the GOP falls short (or McConnell loses to Grimes) it will be an epic fail and he could take the blame.”


FishbowlDC: What race this election cycle do you find most interesting?

Carl Cameron: “There is no single MOST interesting race. We are looking at 10 very close Senate battles. They all share national themes such as POTUS and Congressional gridlock, the unpopularity of politicians in general, and fears about the future. That said, Iowa, New Hampshire and North Carolina will be very close and could go late. Both national parties are ready to airdrop legal teams to any state where a recount may crop up. So don’t count on an early night. Alaska will be close too and, because of time zones, it will spill into Wednesday for the lower 48. The other potentially fascinating race is Kansas where independent Greg Orman could oust a GOP Senate incumbent. Republican Senator Pat Roberts brought every GOP luminary imaginable to help and this race is a nail biter.”


FishbowlDC: What so far has been the highlight of your career?

Carl Cameron: “Watching Americans test and vote for our leaders every day is my highlight. Every race is different, every candidate unique, and every outcome teaches us about ourselves. It’s an awesome and humbling opportunity for which words cannot come close to reflecting my gratitude.”


FishbowlDC: What are your plans post-2014 election coverage?

Carl Cameron: “No rest for the weary‎. After the midterms, I’ll report on what the winners intend to do next year and then I will take a few days off to rest up for the 2016 Presidential campaign trail…which is already crowded with candidates in the early voting states of Iowa, my home state of New Hampshire and South Carolina. Then it’s trains, planes, and rental cars till we elect a new Commander in Chief.”