Fishbowl Does Vegas

It somehow seems appropriate that the Interactive Media Conference & Trade Show being held by Editor & Publisher and MediaWeek is being held on the outskirts of Vegas. With topics like “What’s Wrong with Media” (moderated by friend and mentor Vin Crosbie, with whom we shared sushi last night), “Newsroom Convergence: For Real This Time?” and “If You Could Build Your Website From Scratch, What Would You Do Differently?” it makes all this digital media stuff sound like maybe something of a crapshoot.

In his opening remarks, E&P Publisher Chas Mckeown referred to how “the World Wide Web’ is changing everything we do. We remember that term. That’s what the “www” stands for, right? Then Neil Ashe of CNET pulled out his handheld (see photo below) and told about how all media goes from all devices anywhere. 60 gigs of video and connectivity in your hand. That’s well beyond the Web. (And wireless isn’t working in the conference room. Grrrr. So our posts will be not fast, even if furious. Now they tell us they want $295 for connectivity. Puhleeeze.)

Again, we’re not in New York (we this time being Laurel and Dorian), except in spirit.

We spend enough time gambling in big ways at home and so haven’t yet thrown a quarter in a slot. But if we win, we’ll let you know. If we win really big, we’ll even throw a party. Meanwhile, we’re avoiding the temptation to hang out by the palm trees and instead stay out in the hangar-like conference room theater that’s the only part of this resort that doesn’t seem self-consciously posh. Surprisingly posh for a conference full of byte-stained wretches.

Mckeown does his thing.

CNET’s Neil Ashe talks about how you can carry it all in your hand, now.