Fishbowl Charlotte

At this point, Charlotte looks like the Walking Dead. The smart, savvy journos have already fled town. Others have developed a “dead-behind-the-eyes” glazed over look that would scare pets and small children. The parties have been had. The drinks have been drunk. The speeches have been given. All that’s left are the memories and, for some, social diseases. We gathered up lasting images from our final day at the DNC. So long, Charlotte….  And thanks for all the Bojangles.

While hanging around the Time Warner Cable Arena on Thursday afternoon, we caught the familiar warble of James Taylor. He was in the middle of giving a sound check for his performance later in the evening. He played “Carolina on My Mind”, “How Sweet It Is” and “You’ve Got a Friend.” Taylor bantered with his band about audio levels. At one point, he asked if the tempo “seemed a little slow to anyone.” Of course it did. It’s JAMES TAYLOR music.

This woman wearing a sea captain jacket was struck by the music and swayed back and forth like a drunk, broken pendulum.

This woman was particularly entertained by the performance. She is a “Texan for Obama.” Weird. She doesn’t look like she’s from Texas.

For me, the lasting image of the DNC is this shot of the podium from which first lady Michelle Obama, former Prez Bill Clinton, President Obama and others spoke from throughout the week. On Friday morning, amidst the confetti and discarded posters, was the podium with empty Bud Light cans and glasses of beer. Brings a whole new meaning to “Fired Up, Ready to go.”