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(A Sprinkling of Things we Think you Ought to Know…)

Fox News Contributor Battles Cancer— Richard Grenell, the Mike Tyson of Twitter, has non-hodgkins lymphoma. He’s already completed two rounds of chemo. He told FishbowlDC that that the cancer was caught early and he has great doctors, so he’s hopeful for a good outcome. He did lose his hair though, but despite some initial concerns about doing TV bald, he went on Fox a few weekends ago with the network’s full support. On his blog, he said despite the seriousness of his illness, he’s in a good place. “God has given me a great peace and I am blessed to be surrounded by an amazing partner and the support of family and friends. I am ready for this fight.” We wish Grenell a quick trip on the path back to good health. If he tackles his cancer like he does his Twitter foes, we have a feeling this is a fight he’s going to win.

CNBC Host Apologizes For ‘Foot in Mouth’— On Monday Andrew Ross Sorkin said he would’ve arrested Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald, who published classified information leaked to him by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, for wanting to help Snowden in his flight from U.S. authorities. Today, he apologized. On Twitter, Sorkin said to Greenwald, “My apologies, sincerely…hope you saw what I said this morning on @SquawkCNBC.” What did he say? According to Politico, “I put my foot in my mouth…” He wanted to make a point about the difference between publishing and actually aiding someone accused of violating the law, but admits he failed and “overstepped” with the way he said it. Noteworthy: An apology that’s an actual apology. No cowardly ‘sorry if you were offended’ BS, just… I’m sorry. How refreshing.

Childish Behavior At the Supreme Court… Surprise?— Justice Samuel Alito needs some lessons from Miss Manners. While Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was reading from her dissents in a few cases about discrimination that Alito wrote the majority opinions for, those in the courtroom reported that he pursed his lips, rolled his eyes and even mouthed the word “no” several times. We’d call this a great argument for cameras in the Supreme Court on the theory that it might be incentive to stop these blatant displays of disrespect, but these just happen to be some of the same things he did during President Obama‘s State of the Union speech in 2010, according to Slate’s Emily Bazelon. “Decorum isn’t his thing,” she wroteAtlantic’s Garrett Epps, who was in the court and is especially appalled by Alito’s behavior, makes it a point to note that Ginsberg is both older and the more senior justice—but we agree with others who say that’s not really the point. If you’re being a dick, you’re being a dick. It shouldn’t matter who you are or whom your target is. Jezebel sums it up nicely: “…guy who literally today authored a Supreme Court opinion that made it easier for workplace bullies to get away with it is himself acting like a workplace bully, but I can’t bring myself to imagine anyone trying to shove Ruth Bader Ginsburg into a locker.”


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