Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Think You Ought to Know…)

*Note to Readers: Next week I’m taking off and leaving the site in the trusted hands of my co-editor Matt Dornic and intrepid intern Alec Jacobs. I will be gadget free, so don’t bother writing unless it can wait a week. So even if Ezzy is pregnant, I don’t need to hear about it. But please be sure to tell Matt and Alec. Send your tips and insights to Matt: and to Alec:

*Q & A Cafe Canceled: New York Social Diary blogger and Q & A Cafe Host Carol Joynt has canceled her Cafe for next week. Read the full details here. “It was to be an interview with the colorful Rhode Island politician, and ex-con, and urban transformer, and author, Vincent “Buddy” Cianci. However, there were not enough reservations for the Ritz Georgetown to justify going forward…”

*VP hires WaPo reporter: VP Biden announced today that Shailagh Murray will be his Communications Director. She starts next month.  She succeeds Jay Carney, who was appointed by the President as White House Press Secretary.  Murray was at WaPo since 2005.