Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things we Think you Ought to Know…)

Is Tucker Carlson running a “hate group?”— A report by The Daily Caller‘s Vince Coglianese says the publication, edited by Tucker Carlson, was barred yesterday from a press conference held by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). “You’re not a news site, you’re an anti-Muslim hate site,” a DC reporter was told by CAIR’s Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper when he tried entering the event. When DC asked for examples to prove that it’s a “hate site,” Hooper emailed a link to a Media Matters post that cited columns published on DC‘s website. That post did not include any original reporting by DC. Both Reason and Raw Story picked up on the conflict and have their own write ups.

WaPo freelancer booted from rallyDiana Reese was freelancing for WaPo Tuesday when she was kicked out of an event hosted by Rep. Todd Akin‘s (R-Mo.) campaign. She writes in the “She the People” blog that she was holding a camera and taking notes when a security guard told her she had to leave. Reese insisted she was media but was nonetheless escorted from the premises. On her way to the parking lot, a guard and an intern approached and explained there had been a misunderstanding. “They thought we were ‘trackers’ for the opposition because we were taping the remarks,” Reese wrote.

What’s Kendra tweeting?— We haven’t seen a byline from Kendra Marr, formerly with Politico and fired for plagiarism, since a story she did for the BBC in April. But she’s still alive and tweeting. A sampling of what she’s been sharing of late:

  • A post on a blog called “Stuff Christians Like” that shows there is indeed a “50 Shades of Grace” book. Marr comments in her tweet, “Make it stop! #50ShadesOfOverIt.”
  • A New York magazine article about a for-profit private school called “Avenues.” Marr’s personal take: “For profit education, Suri Cruise & another ‘symptom of the teeming niche affluence of Bloomberg’s New York.'”
  • A story by featuring stackable, pre-filled and sealed wine glasses. “It’s finally come to this…,” Marr writes in a potentially autobiographical tweet.