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(A Sprinkling of Things we Think you Ought to Know…)

These people are all insane – A story in the WSJ tells us tales of “well-heeled dogs” and how they are are eating better than most humans at some of the nation’s finest restaurants. There’s a trend in upscale restaurants to offer full menus for diners with pups to order something special for the pet. One of the restaurants happens to be right here in Washington. At Art & Soul, you can sit outside on their “pooch patio” and order such delicacies as “Bowser beer” and an $8 steak….  FOR YOUR DOG. Dogs lick their balls. They eat garbage. If you think that your dog wants steak, you shouldn’t be allowed to have a dog.

Ingraham Angered Over Toy – Talk show host Laura Ingraham is faux-angry about the news that a deal that would bring a singing Lady Gaga doll might not be happening. In reaction to this story, Ingraham tweeted, “I am so upset abt this!! What on earth am I going to get my daughter for Xmas now?! Lady GaGa say it isn’t so!” Keep hope alive, Laura! Maybe by Christmas, they’ll finally have released the Lindsay Lohan doll for Laura’s little one.

Best Headline Ever? – You be the judge. WaPo’s Sarah Kliff tweeted a link to this piece, saying, “My favorite headline I have ever written ever.” Hopefully she was being sarcastic, because the headline is “Sounds like nobody has a case of the Mondays.” It’s a straight-faced piece on a study that shows that people aren’t necessarily in worse moods on Mondays than other days of the week. Her headline is nothing special. Although, her item does provide a great opportunity to play this video clip.