Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Santorum we Think you Ought to Know…)

Who Doesn’t Love Santorum – While most of the media has moved on to New Hampshire, the sting of losing the Iowa caucuses to Mitt Romney by a mere 8 votes MUST hurt Rick Santorum. Surely, he could have gathered those 8 votes somewhere. has a new video out trying to sort out which voters COULD have swung the election in Santorum’s favor, but didn’t. Watch here.

Santorum Shills for the Jonas Brothers?Roll Call’s Neda Samnani reports that Rick Santorum might have gotten all cozy with the Jonas Brothers. According to my 13 year old cousin, the Jonas Brothers are a family friendly band and in 2009, they put their “3-D movie Experience” into theaters. And how does Santorum find his way into this situation? According to financial disclosure forms, Santorum did 125,000 worth of work for the Clapham Group. They are a Christian public relations group that the Jonas Brothers used to promote the movie. According to Roll Call, the movie was promoted by reaching out to church youth groups and home school associations.

Santorum is on the Lips of Political JournalistsPolitico’s Patrick Gavin brings us a rundown of how journos are handling “The Santorum Problem.” As Gavin points out, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, go Google “Santorum.” For a sprinkling of Santorum soundbites, Politico even brought us this helpful video. Pay attention to the woman who breaks it down by saying, “When your name is associated with poop, even the dimmest child knows that’s not a flattering thing.”