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Mitt Romney “Poo-Poohed” with Politico’s Mike Allen — Allen filmed an interview Monday with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in New Hampshire at the “grubby French-Canadian diner, Chez Vachon.” Allen said Romney “pooh-poohed the idea that this is a white-knuckle season for him or his team.” On the hot topic of  Newt Gingrich‘s marital affairs, Romney said his campaign had “no plans” to make it an issue “at this point.”

Ailes on First Draft? — FNC CEO Roger Ailes is reportedly working on an autobiography. He’s set to receive between a $3 and $4 million advance for the book, says New York Mag’s Daily Intel. Depending on when the book is released, it could be real juicy. Ailes is already loose lipped on some of the dirty details at FNC. In an interview with The Daily Beast in September, he said Bill O’Reilly was “scared” Glenn Beck would outshine him when Beck was still at the network. He also called Sean Hannity “predictable.” Imagine what Ailes, 71, will say when his contract with FNC is over in 2013.

Up, Down, Left, Right and in the Middle with Chris HayesMediaite‘s Tommy Christopher is in a man crush haze with Hayes and is running a series of posts about Chris Hayes with Chris Hayes . If you want to know Hayes’ thoughts on President Barack Obama, the 2012 election and politics in general, you can just torture yourselves and watch his MSNBC show “Up” in which the bouncy host slows down for no one. But if you want to see Hayes’ stark white office, his personal wall calendar that’s nearly blank and his perfectly organized desk, watch the interviews at Mediaite. Please, Tommy, find out what kind of shampoo he uses.

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