Fish Food


Delectable bits from around the web:

— Senator Hillary Clinton will make her second appearance as a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Monday, March 3 at 11:00 p.m.

Matt Drudge, long considered one of the most powerful citizen journalists in America, is now getting a second look by the British as he broke the Prince Harry-in-Afghanistan story. From The BBC: ”The news that Prince Harry was serving with the British Army in Afghanistan leaked out much earlier than its intended publication date. The story was broken by an American website, The Drudge Report. But what is it, and who is its eponymous author, Matt Drudge?” Story here.

— The drama surrounding The New York Times and the dissident investors continues apace. From CNNMoney: ”New York Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis said at the time that the four directors being proposed by Harbinger are still under consideration, however the Times did not include the nominees in its initial proxy filing last week. The proxy also urged shareholders not to vote for any nominees put forth by Harbinger.

”Harbinger is pressing the Times to trim down its portfolio of business and focus on building its online operations.

”Public shareholders elect four of the Times’ 13 directors while the Sulzberger family elects the other nine through a special class of supervoting shares.

”The Times’ annual meeting is set for April 22.”

(image via lisarein)