Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Think You Ought to Know…)

How Not to Exact Revenge on the Cable Company: HuffPost‘s “Eat the Press” Editor Jason Linkins has been in a battle royal with Comcast as of late. “Four people from Comcast have lied to me today. Just straight up lied to my face. Pretty amazing,” he wrote late last week on Twitter. He explains that he “can’t do a thing with @comcast w/o having to deal with a straight up liar. Today it’s the technician who claimed he showed up. Comcastic!” He assures he’ll be punking them sometime soon because what a better way to get a company back than to a) rant about it on Twitter and b) tell them how you will be exacting your revenge.”Oh, once this matter is resolved, I’ll be calling up Comcast to send technicians on the regular, to knock on the door of my empty apartment,” he writes along with this similarly weird threat: “I think I’m just gonna start scheduling appointments with Comcast every two weeks and then not being home when they come.” Watch out Comcast. You can’t say you weren’t warned.

Poor Badler, he can’t find a Starbucks: “Can you imagine living two weeks without Internet? I feel like I’ll be living in a black hole,” writes Ben Adler, a  former Politico staff writer who writes for The Daily Beast/Newsweek. As of late, the “Juicebox Mafia” wannabe and former JournoLister has been making a point of insulting conservative Washington journalists. Then he explains the horror that will befall him without Internet: “Time Warner is making me wait two weeks after I move to get my Internet installed when I move. That will make writing difficult.” The insults: To conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain he wrote recently, “If you’re middle-aged and still can’t express yourself without juvenile language, I think you shouldn’t offer lessons in maturity.” Last week he ripped The Daily Caller in a post for Columbia Journalism Review, saying a poll story in the pub was “propaganda” not journalism. He said the Rasmussen poll in the story was designed to back conservative claims. He backed up that claim by linking a story in The Washington Independent, which has been home to many Juicebox friends. Pssst Badler…we hear you, you’re a liberal journo lion. But Rasmussen has long been known for leaning right. Even TIME and NYT have said so. But more importantly, Starbucks has free WiFi.

*Kites are so Tempting: In a weekend White House Pool Report McLatchy‘s Steve Thomma wrote of President Obama‘s day of golf that decidedly did not include kite flying despite the lure that can have on a person (such as a certain NRSC Spokesman who adores kite festivals). “Mr. Obama left the course at 3:50 pm EDT. Passed the grounds of the Washington Monument, resisting any temptation to join the hundreds of people flying kites. Arrived back at the White House at 4:16 pm, where he made a rare entrance through the East Wing.” (Tips From the Pool…Into the Deep End.)