FischMart Wedding Plans Coming Along Nicely

Ribbons or no ribbons? She wants ribbons. Casual or ivory on ivory? No ivory. Navy blue and yellow or sage green? Undecided but leaning towards navy and yellow.

On Tuesday morning NBC “MTP” Executive Producer Betsy Fischer had a sit-down with two wedding planners at Baked & Wired, a Georgetown cafe. Her fiance, Politico‘s Senior Political Reporter Jonathan Martin was not present. He’s leaving the invitation details to Fischer.

When discussing yellows, the women grew finicky, weighing between “buttery” yellows versus “bright sunshiney” yellows. The shape of the card is also important — square, horizontal, vertical. Horizontal appeared to be the hit of the day. Fischer, dressed head to toe in black, didn’t appear to care about the particular hue of yellow.

FischMart is not doing save the date notices. Instead, invitations will be dispatched early. Fischer agreed with the planners that she wants it “classy but not frou frou.” The raspy-voiced planner with dishwater blond hair remarked, “It’s a destination wedding as close to DC as possible.” A refrain that Fischer reiterated throughout the meeting: “I just don’t want it to be formal.”

To that end, FischMart’s wedding will include a barbecue. The couple will also be making “an appearance” at breakfast the following day. Above all, Fischer wants things easy for guests. “I don’t want people to freelance on accommodations,” she said. The raspy voiced, overly loquacious woman broke into her thought, “Tennis, bike, pool…it’s a fun weekend retreat, escape from the city.” Fischer concluded, “It’s a family friendly place but I don’t want to be like, bring your nine kids.”