First Year Of Blogging

Maybe you have noticed that in 1st May turned one year old and as present for my readers I switched design. It is new and unique theme developed exclusively for this blog to offer better readability and content organization. It wasn’t just a quick idea – I have thought how to make better quality blog and it is one of the things I have learned since I started to blog. But that’s not the story…

In this post I wanted to show you the whole picture – things behind this one year of blogging – stats!

Feed subscribers

I’m very happy to see how this blog is growing day by day and the biggest thanks I need to give my regular readers. After the first year of blogging I had more than 700 regular RSS readers which is pretty nice number I think 🙂

RSS readers of

I’m very glad that you found my posts interesting and useful. I’m looking forward to offer you even more interesting and useful articles about whats going on online and I’m pretty sure that you will be not disappointed.


If we speak about daily visitors then I again need to say that this number is growing and these days is around 1200-1800 unique visitors per day. Monthly unique visitor number is around 50k, which is not bad, but on the other hand – I could be much better and thats why my goal is to reach at least 100k per month until may 1st 2008.


Everybody speaks about their blog revenue – yes, I also receive few dollars thanks to this blog – it is around 400$ per month now, and I think for my traffic it is pretty normal level of income. The main income source is Google AdSense, but now I’m also testing ContentLink which can be serious money maker by higher traffic. Of course I use also Text-Link-Ads which brings me around 50$ per month now – I have sold only two link spots from 8 available – so here I see spot where to raise my income.

In the end I would be happy to receive little feedback from you – my readers, because I want to know maybe there is some themes that is interesting for you and you would be happy to see some articles dedicated to this theme. If you have some things to suggestion or comments don’t hesitate to write a comment below or use contact page to send me an e-mail.

Thank you all!