First Word on Post-Aspen: Index and AIGA’s Grand Plan


So the Aspen Design Summit is no more, we learned last week (at least for the immediate future). But as reported earlier, there are some schemes a-cookin’ for when it comes back. In Design Week they just put up the story, “Index and AIGA Plan Events,” which is about the Danish design foundation, Index, teaming up with the AIGA for a regular annual event in August out until 2015. And bringing in Aspen, it sounds like this collective event might be just sort of the setup for early next year, when the bigger discussions will happen once more back in Colorado:

“Through the Aspen Institute, we have been fortunate enough to engage with business. Economic and political experts have been invited to both events. The idea will be to take all the information from the prelude and sift through it in Aspen. It will be about looking at stakeholders, identifying who and how, and getting them involved. Hopefully [those involved] will take some of the key findings away with them,” says Index programme manager Lisa Klint.