The Tweet Sent From The Top Of The World (And The Marketing Campaign That Paid For It)

Kenton Cool (@KentonCool) is one of Britain’s leading alpine climbers with nine successful Everest summits on his resume.

His latest expedition was completed early yesterday morning, and thanks to a sponsor, Cool was able to send out a tweet announcing his arrival at the summit.

At 6.27am (ET), and some 29,035 feet up in the sky, Kenton wrote this message for his Twitter followers:

Yep, Kenton’s update – and, you presume, the sponsorship money that paid for some or all of the climb – was made possible by Samsung and their flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S II. Everest has its own 3G station, which was installed by Nepali mobile network operator Ncell last October.

Earlier, Kenton attempted to rope in (snicker) some of the major Twitter celebrities to help spread the news about Samsung his impending climb.

Two hours ago, Kenton arrived safely back at basecamp. Hey, here’s another chance to thank Samsung!

“I’ve climbed Everest before but have never been able to share the exhilaration and excitement I experience when I reach the top with those back home,” said Cool.

Quite. It’s certainly an amazing achievement, but there are a few things about this that raise an eyebrow and might require further investigation.

  1. Why did Cool tweet from web – that is, – and not an app? It gives the impression that the Samsung Galaxy S II is a little, well, rubbish.
  2. Why didn’t he turn on geo-location?
  3. Why wasn’t FourSquare all over this? Surely being the Major of Everest would be the arguably the most secure badge in FourSquare history?
  4. For stuff like this, isn’t ‘Cool’ the most appropriate surname ever?
  5. Still, it would have been cooler if this had been done independently of a marketing campaign.
  6. Charlie Sheen, Kenton? Really?

I’m certainly not naive enough to know this isn’t how the world works, but a little subtlety would have been nice.

All things said, this is another big first for Twitter. Join us next week for a live report from the bottom of the Mariana Trench, where a terrified Biz Stone tweets about unwittingly releasing something big, brought to you by Chicken Of The Sea.