First Sprint, Now Verizon: AmEx Serve Mobile Payment Service

It looks like mobile payments systems are getting traction. However, the current leader is not depending on NFC (Near Field Communications) which requires special hardware in phones (like the Nexus S). American Express’s Serve found a partner in Sprint last month.

Sprint Rolling Out American Express’ Serve Mobile Payment System to Select Android Phones

And, now the even bigger CDMA mobile giant, Verizon Wireless, signed up for Serve.

Serve simplifies the online checkout experience by authenticating a mobile number, then allowing a customer to make a purchase on-screen. Verizon Wireless customers who use Serve can expect to buy goods and services on their mobile phone in just a few clicks. Merchants who accept Serve mobile payments will enjoy a streamlined option for processing and settlement. The Serve card is currently accepted by the millions of merchants in the United States who accept American Express.

Serve supports select Android devices and iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad). Support is planned for Microsoft Windows Phone and RIM BlackBerry.

Verizon to Integrate American Express’ Serve on Wireless Phones and Tablets

Via GigaOm: American Express’ Serve digital wallet now serving Verizon devices