First screenshots of the new tabbed Facebook Profile page

As we mentioned yesterday, a big change coming up at Facebook this spring will be a revamping of the Profile page. While the implications of these changes for application developers are still unclear, Facebook today released the first screenshots of the new, tabbed, Profile page.

Facebook has divided the profile in these shots into “Wall”, “About”, and “Photos” tabs:

  • The Wall tab contains what is currently called the Mini Feed, friends box, and application profile boxes. App profile boxes can now only appear in the narrow left column. Facebook has also hinted that applications will have a greater range of publishing options on the new “Wall.” Clearly, the new Facebook profile page favors communication and activity sharing.
  • The About tab contains consolidated and rearranged Info fields, which tend to be more static. “About Me” now has its own section, at the top of the page.
  • Interestingly, applications can also get tabs. The number of possible tabs that apps can use will probably be small, and how a user adds app tabs is not yet clear.



Update: Trey notes that the page is now wider as well.