First Product Born This Way from Lady Gaga/Polaroid Collaboration Now Available

Remember last year when Lady Gaga was named the rebooted Polaroid brand’s Creative Director? Or earlier this year when, at the Consumer Electronic Show, the three products she’d reportedly helped develop for the company received their high-profile debut? Well, hot off the heels of the release of Gaga’ new album, the first fruit of that collaboration were finally made available this weekend for public consumption. Zdnet reports that the GL10, a mobile printer from its Gaga-connected Grey Label line, has been made available for purchase at Bloomingdale’s flagship store in Manhattan and for pre-order on Polaroid’s site, shipping sometime in early to mid-June. While aesthetically appealing, and technically interesting, in that the small device will print wirelessly from cell phones, cameras, or anything with Bluetooth connectivity, to this writer, it isn’t the most thrilling release. While we’re sure they’ll sell, both to the gadget-inclined and the Gaga-enthused, we’d much rather have seen a quicker release of the GL20, a pair of glasses with a camera built in that allowed users to immediately display photos onto the lenses themselves. It’s an utterly ridiculous product, and likely won’t sell as well as something that’s occasionally useful in the real world, but surely would have captured a bit more attention and excitement than a mild-mannered printer. But we’ll reserve any more judgment than that until we’ve seen the GL10 in the flesh.