First Photos of Upcoming Asus eReader Hit the Web


Just one more thing before the week’s out, and sorry we didn’t have this up earlier. The first photos of the upcoming Asus DR-950 E-Ink eReader have hit the Web. The reader was apparently photographed in Asus’s London office doing things like, well, being used as an eReader. There are a few more pictures beyond the shot above available at Engadget, which has this to say about the device:

Sure, we’d love to be hanging out with this device in person, but we suppose this is second best. ASUS UK has some shots of the upcoming DR-950 e-reader, sporting 9-inches of grayscale SiPix e-paper. It admittedly looks pretty great under these idealized lighting conditions, and the homescreen interface looks simple and oh-so-touchable. Hopefully we get to put the device through its text-to-speech, 3G and ePub paces soon enough.

Asus has at least a shot at getting some notice in what’s quickly become an overcrowded market, because the brand is well known for having started the netbook craze. We’ll see.