First Perez Hilton Steals Photos, Now Design!


If you’re not already embroiled in a conscience-shredding love/hate relationship with Perez Hilton, consider this: Virtually every photo agency is suing him for using their images without permission. Photographers even put their cameras down when he walked the red carpet at the recent Vh1 Big In ’06 awards. So after alienating the photo industry, he did what any self-respecting celebrity blogger would do–tick off some designers.

The folks at Torontoist designed the (better) graphic on the left for an interview with La Perez, and he contacted them to make something similar for a line of t-shirts. Time went by and nothing materialized…except for a knock-off of the design that’s now for sale on Hilton’s site.

We dunno, Hilton’s pretty handy with the Photoshop himself, we don’t know why he needs to rip off other designers at all. Why, just look at some of his greatest work.