First Office Solution for Facebook Launches

Online productivity suite, Zoho has announced the launch of their Facebook application. The Zoho suite allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. I’m not quite sure how this will pan out given that most people are not using Facebook as their startpage yet. This is a pretty big step, giving them a boost against their competition (primarily Google’s office suite). If you would like to view what the application looks like, go check out the Zoho App screenshot. A few weeks back I discussed the possibility of a Zoho application suite and questioned whether or not Facebook could ultimately be used as a complete productivity suite. The rumor of a Zoho suite came true, now all that remains to be seen is whether or not users will take advantage of such services as Facebook slowly becomes a startpage. If you are looking to add-on more productivity features to your Facebook profile, go grab the Zoho Facebook application.