First Look: The New App Settings Editor

As Inside Facebook reported a few days back, Facebook has been working on a new application settings editor to replace its existing design. It has now been officially released for any developer wishing to give it a try. According to a post on the Developer Forums, the editor will run concurrently with existing settings editor for a week or two until the final switch is made.

To access the new editor, click “Edit Settings” within the Developer App on Facebook, and you’ll notice a link at the top to try out the new editor. It is much cleaner and better organized than the existing system, separating the main settings out into 7 main categories. On top of that, most of the text descriptions for setting fields have been re-written making it easier to get your first application up and running.

The new editor is one of many recent upgrades Facebook has implemented for developers. Others include the new Feed Template Console, and the re-worked developer’s subdomain. Facebook appears to be committed to providing high quality tools for developers as the Platform matures.