First Look Media Lines Up Richard Simmons Podcast

Executive produced by filmmaker and former Daily Show With Jon Stewart producer Dan Taberski

Next Wednesday, Feb. 15, will mark the third anniversary of what First Look Media has dubbed fitness guru Richard Simmons’ withdrawal from the public eye. To mark that occasion, as well as remind just how niche the podcast world has become, the company will debut a new weekly limited series titled Missing Richard Simmons.

Slimmons, located in Beverly Hills, closed Nov. 19, 2016

The project is the brainchild of Dan Taberski, a former producer on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. From today’s announcement:

“I first walked into [Simmons’ fitness studio] Slimmons to witness the spectacle of it all, and man it did not disappoint,” said Taberski. “He was hysterical, passionate, raunchy and bedazzled.”

“Richard built really intense relationships with thousands of people, and he ghosted them all. I think he’s a superhero – and, as it turns out, a really complicated one.”

The six-episode podcast is first and foremost a love letter, one that owes a little something conceptually to Michael Moore’s groundbreaking documentary Roger and Me. As the pitch for the show states: ‘The podcast seeks to answer the questions about one of America’s most iconic and misunderstood figures—who was Richard Simmons, why did he leave and will he re-emerge to talk to Dan?’

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