First Look at The New Bluefire Reading App for Android

Bluefire has been working for some time now to make a new version of its award winning reading app f0r Android.

If you read on the iPhone or iPad then you’ve probably heard of Bluefire. Its app has quickly replaced Stanza as the best independent reading app on iOS.The Bluefire Reader supports library and commercial eBooks, and it works with a vast number of ebookstore.

The Android version is going to be just as good. It will also support commercial eBooks and library eBooks, and it will have all the same features. Bluefire is hoping to have it out in weeks, or a couple months at the most.

Scroll down for the video. The camera work isn’t very good, but there’s one important detail you can learn here. This app is close enough to being done that Bluefire felt safe in giving a copy to be shown off on the Samsung Galaxy Tab (it shows up at the 30 second mark).