First Lady to Release Hip Hop Album to Get Kids Eating Right and Exercising

Nothing gets the kids rockin’ like songs titled “We Like Vegetables” and music videos featuring Dr. Oz and spliced-in PSAs from the white house, right?

Actually, you might be surprised.

Michelle Obama, throughout her tenure as First Lady, has made the health of American children a top priority. But simply telling kids they should get up and move for a few minutes every day doesn’t necessarily inspire them to put down the game controllers and smartphones. So, Mrs. Obama is hoping that putting a hip hop beat and some celebrity vocalists behind that message might do the trick.

The Partnership for a Healthier America and Hip Hop Public Health have teamed up with celebrity musicians to create “Songs for A Healthier America,” a 19-track hip-hop album designed to motivate kids to make healthier diet, exercise and wellness choices. The album, which also includes other genres like country and pop, features songs titled “U R What You Eat,” “Veggie Luv,” “We Like Vegetables,” and “Get Up, Sit Up.”

“Everybody”, the album’s firs release, is performed by Jordan Sparks and Doug E. Fresh, and features lyrics like “You gotta work hard/ You gotta eat right/ Feeling good starts on the inside…You can do anything/Nothing is out of reach.” The accompanying music video (below) boasts cameos from the likes of Dr. Oz and the First Lady herself, and even features a spliced-in PSA from Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign — that’s way too much rhetoric to be fun, right?

Actually, we could totally dance to this.

Of course it’s all going to be a little corny (you did read those song titles, right?), but it’s a creative, catchy effort to help kids lead healthier lives — who couldn’t get behind that? So in case you know a kid who could use a little inspiration (or if you just want to get your next party super pumped for the veggie platter) the album will be available for free download on September 30.