First German Langauge eBooks Now Selling In The Kindle Store

But only in the US Kindle Store. I’m sorry, what?

Earlier this week ebooks in German from a German publisher started showing up in the Kindle Store. Right now it looks like only a few German publishers are  involved. One is Arvato, a Bertelsmann’s subsidiary. Arvato has about 4oo titles in the Kindle Store, mostly under the imprints Heyne and Goldmann. Another publisher is Blue Panther Books, who has 23 titles in the Kindle Store.

Perhaps these ebooks are in the US store because the German one isn’t quite ready? That would make sense, but this next part does not. You can’t buy them unless you’re in the US. On the upside, most titles are selling for a lot less than the list paperback price in Germany, so if you can get one then you’ve saved yourself a pretty penny.

Between the regional restriction, and the price issue, I’m betting that there are several errors in how the ebooks were uploaded.  Maybe they weren’t supposed to be available yet.


image via flickr