First Facebook Connect iPhone Application Launches

This morning Zynga announced the launch of their Live Poker application. I had the opportunity to test out the application this morning and I have to say that it’s pretty addictive. The coolest part is that there always appears to be people playing live since the application integrates with Zynga’s existing network across the other social platforms.

I’ve gone ahead and have posted pictures below of the Facebook Connect integration. The process was seamless and it similar to the way Facebook’s original API worked. You simply login, grant access to their external application, and you are off and running. Currently the only component of the integration is the import of your profile photo, but I’d also guess that they track your history as well.

The one thing that has been missing from all the Facebook Connect implementations that I’ve seen so far is integration into my personal feed. My guess is that we will begin to see this as Facebook makes Facebook Connect public for all. For now this was simply a quick and easy way to verify my identity and to have my friends instantly connected through the application.

If you want to try out the first iPhone implementation of Facebook Connect, go download Zynga’s Live Poker application now.

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