First Donation-Based Film Puts a Young Girl's Fate in Your Hands

You can be part of a young girl’s quest for an education in rural India while participating in the first ever online donation-based film series for a non-profit. Nanhi Kali, a global non-profit organization that helps impoverished young girls receive an education, has created A Girl Story video series to raise awareness about the plight of uneducated young girls, and encourage people to contribute towards changing a life. This video series only progresses as far as the donations carry it, so the fate of its young protagonist Tarla is in the hands of the online audience.

The goal of this video campaign is to get people to take action for a cause immediately, rather than separating awareness-raising from fundraising. A Girl Story features young Tarla, who is a symbol of several girls that Nanhi Kali has helped in the past. She has a dream of going to school in order to better her life, and the only way that she can achieve this is through the help of online viewers. Each donation goes toward unlocking a new chapter of Tarla’s story and brings her one step closer to attending school.
The interesting element in this awareness/fundraising campaign rests in the combination of story with medium. Tarla’s story is told in bite-sized pieces, which has a two-fold appeal to online audiences: each chapter can be easily digested in a few minutes, and a simple donation method means that more chapters can be unlocked to reach the end of the story. And even if people choose not to donate, Nanhi Kali’s campaign is still a success – the abrupt end to Tarla’s quest for education would parallel what happens to real girls who lack the resources they need to achieve success.
Increasingly more non-profits are turning to the interactive and social features of the internet to raise money and awareness for noble causes. From creating Facebook pages to establishing themselves as leaders in online video creation, non-profit use of the internet makes a strong case for the good will of people – as long as things are made easy. Nanhi Kali is clearly in tune with this concept, as they have made A Girl Story with simple, one- or two-click donations in mind.
We can expect to see more non-profits using the internet in unique and creative ways to reach out to people and get them to donate to a cause.