THR Lands Latest Ronni Chasen Scoop

We can safely say, having chatted this week with several local entertainment media types involved in daily news coverage of the Ronni Chasen murder, that it has taken hold of them like very few other stories – O.J. Simpson is the only comparison that has come up repeatedly.

It’s an ongoing frenzy for the next scoop, from whether the man who killed himself at the Harvey Apartments on Wednesday was just a mentally deranged individual to what Chasen’s brother thinks happened on November 16th. This afternoon, it is the turn of Daniel Miller at The Hollywood Reporter to share new details; based on an interview with a pair of Beverly Hills residents, the publication confirms that security video of Chasen driving down Whittier has been obtained and reviewed by police.

The video footage also shows a northbound black Lincoln Town Car driving by Chasen’s crashed E350 coupe within a minute of the accident and not stopping…

“Who is driving town cars? Not the owners, not concerned citizens, it is people on time schedules,” said former Los Angeles Police Department detective Mark Fuhrman, who investigated Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman murders and is now an author. “If you are driving a company car do you really think your company wants you to get involved in helping someone with an accident instead of picking up someone who has to be at the airport?”

Expect more such revelations through the weekend. This is a 24-seven news cycle that has LA reporters burning the midnight and sunrise oil.

(Photo courtesy of Janet Charlton’s Hollywood)