First Android Phone Running Adobe Flash: HTC Hero (video demo)

YouTube video courtesy of PuntuCellulare

The Adobe AIR Team Blog posted an item talking about…

HTC Hero: The first Android device with Flash

…on the HTC Android, a Google Android phone. It is the first Android phone to support Flash. The blog includes the video you can see embedded above. Adrian Ludwig demonstrated…

– A Flash movie playing from the Yahoo! Movies site
– Flash game from Penguin Swing
– Explore by Destination site area

Adrian says that about 80% of Flash-based content will play correctly in Flash on the HTC Hero.

Although the Flash app playback looked good on the HTC Hero, I’m still not happy about the idea of Flash-heavy mobile site springing up that take forever to load and play on my phone after Flash 10 for mobile devices becomes widely available in the future.